The Last Semester: Feelings of the End of the Faculty

The long-awaited conclusion, the closure of a cycle that awaits everyone, students, family members, colleagues and even the closest teachers cheer for our graduation.

The life cycles are marked by conclusions, from small we are motivated to celebrate such achievements, with small graduations in pre-primary, in the fifth and ninth year of elementary school and in the third year of high school. And it would not be different with the completion of a college, higher education, all waiting for the day of the degree collation where the diplomas will be delivered and the little hats will fly through the air of the hall Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

For the student, I believe it is a mix of feelings, the relief of finally ending a dull graduate’s journey, and the melancholy of staying away from teachers, preferred theories, some stages, peers, and even the dynamics of a campus.

I, about to finish five years of Psychology, with the conclusion scheduled for November of this year (four months from now), I have already gone through two sensations and today I can not separate them anymore, it is as if they were holding hands together .

At times I thank life for being finished, who does / did the course, especially in the UNIP, knows that three obligatory stages with the tension to reprove for a word “unsatisfactory”, added to the run with the CBT, two more subjects in the room , mandatory online exercises and 200 long hours of complementary activities knock down any human being!

The challenges are daily, in the stages everything is very unpredictable, just as in the life of a therapist it is in which system it will be inserted, one day we will be willing to help, but others will have difficulties that limit our potential. There are days where discussions with patients are fluid, easy, others dialogue does not seem to go away Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

There are days where supervisors will be able to listen to all the students and assist them in their cases, but other days will be taken by the uncertainties, due to the difficulties that these professionals also have, especially in relation to the size of the night class (about 100 students, with 100 different cases, which require 100 individual supervisions, in about 2 hours of class).

And on those days where you will want to sleep every minute of the lesson, pray to all the saints, gods and mystical creatures that exist in the world to keep your eyes open or for the teacher to finish the lesson before the time, which seems to drag on in time Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

However, there is nothing to pay for the crying of the patient who, at the end of the session, is replaced by a “thank you” and a smile, the healing evolving session by session, the teachings that even graduates can pass on to the owners of institutions that at times they seem to have a heart of stone, but then they become so interested in our projects that they want to see us every day.


There is nothing to pay attention to that person who never felt heard in life, who felt alone with their problems, but who can now fight their monsters and make others listen to their voice. Nor to the look of thanks of that child who wanted to be seen by their parents, but they could not because they were too busy in their work routine or smartphones Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

It is a lot of knowledge acquired over five years, and there is still much to study, there are many theories that are not addressed in the undergraduate and we will have to search for them by ourselves. That’s the question: who makes the college is the student! There are those who are limited to what is taught and deal with subjects “in the middle” or even below, and there are students who go beyond what is presented in classrooms, attending courses, conferences, reading, etc. and result in more than expected scores.

Those who choose to go to college because they love what they study have difficulty working through the mourning of the term, saying goodbye to many exceptional teachers, the first patients, the first contacts with the areas of the profession, among many other things that happen during the semesters Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

The point is that there is not much to explain here how you can handle this feeling of grief, just wait for it to go through all stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.